Turtles Everywhere!

September 2, 2014

Family Vacations

A great way to teach your children about protecting our fragile turtle population is to introduce them to Turtugaruba – an Aruba local environment organization in charge of the Aruba Turtle Protection Program. Their main goal is to inform and educate both residents and visitors to the island. By learning about how you and your family can respect the rules and help protect the turtles and their nests, you will be helping Turtugaruba keep these little creatures protected!

Watching and witnessing the hatching of the sea turtles on Aruba’s beaches is something that every child should witness. The awe in their eyes will really make for a memorable trip. Make sure that they know to keep their distance and let the new turtles wiggle their way back to the water on their own. Take a stroll down Eagle Beach where you will find four species of sea turtles nesting.

Have you ever witnessed the hatching of sea turtles on any of your family vacations?

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