“Thanks for everything!! The trip and the upgrades were fantastic!! I hope you and your family had a great vacation as well! All the best and thanks so much again for everything,”


“Hi. We had a great trip! The kids had the best time mostly because of the amazing kids pool and the daily kids treats they passed around. The nightly kids programming was also pretty good. Staff were super friendly and helpful – they were one of the biggest assets to hotel itself. We did one excursion to the Dolphin Cove and it was well worth the trip.  All in all we really had a good time and would return to the Royalton (although I’m always looking for a new and different adventure). Keep us informed of any great deals or good new resorts!  Thanks!”


“Great Vacation! Thanks for your help – it was a great resort.  We weren’t anticipating much from the food as a lot of feedback we had received in advance of the trip was that as compared to Mexican locations the beaches in Dominican are much more beautiful, but that the food isn’t as good.  The food was amazing.  Best food that I have had at any Caribbean/Mexican all-inclusive.  Although not all of the staff speak English as well as one would like, the service was also excellent.  Not once were we greeted with anything less than a big smile.  It makes a difference. The splash park was fun and the kids club was Ok.  The rooms were very clean.  In fact the whole complex was unbelievably clean. We would definitely go back.”



“The trip was amazing…all around. The food was great, the people were always very nice, my daughter loved the kids club.  The pool and beach were great. No complaints at all, it was truly a great getaway and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a getaway with the family. Thank you again for everything.”


“It was absolutely amazing! Beautiful, great food, super child friendly! We would go back in a heartbeat! I would be happy to give more details by phone if you would like. Thank you so much for the recommendation and help. We will definitely be in touch again. Warmest regards!”


“Hi, We are about to board our plan back to St. Johns…  We would just like to thank you! We had a great time… Moon Palace was lovely … Very clean and the rooms were spacious, food was good. Transfers to/from the hotel were very efficient. All flights on schedule and we had a great holiday! We will certainly be calling on you when we plan another trip. Thanks soo much!”

The Battcock Family

“Hi, Thank you for the note that you sent to our room, it was very thoughtful!! We absolutely loved our vacation and would recommend it to everyone!!!  The resort was amazing. It was very clean and the staff was very friendly. The selection of restaurants and amenities was superb. The children’s clubs were top-notch.  We were very impressed with the quality of the activities for the family (shows, Sesame Street parade, Elmo 3rd birthday party, Beach Party).  It was just wonderful. Our kids loved the Pirate’s Island water park and water slides and got a real kick out of having their own swim up bar (with a menu of children’s drinks only) and access to ice-cream and treats all day and night long.  We also really liked that the resort was so kid-friendly.

We paid for two Sesame Street upgrades – Breakfast with Sesame Street and Tuck-in with Elmo.  These were both amazing! The restaurant for the breakfast was decorated like a children’s party with balloons and themed napkins, plates, cups, etc. While we ate (not that the kids ate much as they were too excited!), every Sesame Street character came to the party and visited each table for interaction and pictures. Then there was dancing at the end. It was adorable. The Tuck-in with Elmo was magical. He came in accompanied by a girl wearing PJ’s (she was his interpreter) and sat in the bed with the kids (one on either side of him). They read a story, did stretches, sang a couple of songs, etc. It was a wonderful experience for the kids. They even got a stuffed Elmo character that they both still sleep with.

The upgraded room, while pricey, was well worth it.  When we were in the room, the kids hung out in their own space and loved the big trundle couch.  It was great at night of course so that we could still hang out and do adult-like things after putting the kids to bed. The size was comfortable for us. The trip was amazing.  We feel so blessed to have been able to enjoy such a wonderful trip. We made memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you again for assisting us with our trip!”


“We just got back from Azul Beach. Great recommendation … we really enjoyed it (we did get upgraded to a family suite…thank you, it was great). I understand while I was away, my business partner Joseph booked a family vacation through you…! By way of this e-mail I’m introducing you to another friend, Jeff.  They are also looking at a family getaway … they have a 2 year old and 10 year old.  We were very pleased with Azul Beach and I’ve recommended he take a good look at it as an option. Thanks again…great recommendation. Cheers!”


“Loved the resort.  great beach, water, staff, restaurants, etc.  We ended up paying extra to stay in room 701 which had a spectacular view and access to everything.  All-in-all we will certainly consider coming back for a future trip. Please keep me posted on any other top family resorts that we should consider. Thanks again!”


“It was absolutely the trip of a lifetime. I will fill you in on our stay and details on Le Meridien soon. Thanks again for everything.  Be in touch soon. Cheers!”


“My apologies for taking so long to email you and to thank you for all your help! Returning to work has been hectic trying to catch up. Nonetheless, I thought I should let you know that we had the most incredible trip to Riviera Maya and our hotel was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for all the time, effort, and patience you put in while working with me to find the perfect Mayan holiday. I will certainly recommend your services to others.”


P.S. We received the card you sent us in the mail. What a thoughtful gesture! Thanks again.

“We had an absolutely wonderful week away and your recommendation was perfect.  And the weather even ended up being great! The resort was so lovely – so nice to have so much quiet space, easy to get a spot at the pool or the beach without any issues.  The service was really amazing, the food was fantastic and the room was great – especially the swim-up – thanks again for that!!! I am happy to write a review for you. Oh, I am attaching a few pics!
Thanks again for everything!”


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