Luxe Family Concierge

1. Initial Consultation
The first step is to figure out if a LUXE family vacation is right for you. We provide you with an overview of the entire process and help you decide if our services would be beneficial to you. Who are we kidding – a LUXE family vacation is the most stress-free and cost-efficient option for any family!

2. Choose a LUXE Destination
Choosing the right destination is the hardest, but most exciting part. Families typically spend many months looking through travel brochures and websites in search of the ideal destination, all too often growing frustrated with the process. We ensure that you find the best destination and resort to suit your family’s individual needs, taking the guessing out of the process. We will take some of the following ideas into consideration and suggest resorts with family amenities: family suites, private pools, children’s amenities like robes and slippers, walkie talkies, baby supplies like cribs and monitors, kids snacks, kids programs and more.

3. Confirm a Preferential or Group Rate
Our in-house travel team will take care of your travel booking and make any special travel arrangements you require. With our consultants taking care of your travel, you can sit back and relax

4. Plan and Coordinate the Holiday
Now it is time to plan the holiday. LUXE will coordinate and consult on a variety of exciting options available at the hotel. Perhaps your kids have always dreamed of horseback riding on the beach, or going on a snorkeling trip. Maybe the family would like to learn how to make sushi together? Or learn about endangered species in the country you are visiting. Would the idea of a kid’s milk and cookies turn-down service put a smile on their faces? We understand that today’s parents will go out of their way to accommodate their little ones, so we know of hotels and tour operators that agree. We can help arrange everything! Tell us your vision and we will make it a reality!

5. Gift Baskets
LUXE will create memorable gift baskets or welcome gifts for your children that you can either present to them prior to the trip or when you arrive on site.

6. Anything Else…
We are always looking for new ways to make your family vacation the best experience of your life. We can customize invitations and family announcements for the trip. If you have a vision, we have the means to make it happen!

Start Planning