Take the Magic Plane for your next LUXE Family Vacation

December 8, 2013

Family Vacations

Grab your Mickey Mouse ears and get ready to soar into the sky! WestJet proudly introduced the Magic Plane on December 2nd, the newest addition to the 737 Boeing family. A custom painted plane that features Mickey Mouse in his mightiest role, Sorcerer Mickey.

After WestJet Vacations and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts assembled a relationship in 2004 they have decided to bring Disney’s most beloved entertainer to new heights! Working 24 hours around the clock and just in time to finish for the master unveiling held in Calgary, Alberta. According to WestJet it took a team of 26 hard working individuals to paint the 36 different colors you see displayed, both sides are the same except for one minor detail, leaving it for the guests to discover! On board you will receive cookies in the shapes of Disney characters, all you have to do is sit back and relax; WestJet prides themselves in making memorable experiences for all passengers. The first flight will be held on December 3rd flying to Orlando, Florida for some fun in the sun!

The collaboration between the two companies has made it easy for guests to pick the perfect holiday. WestJet offers many different types of vacation packages and affordable rates! Save when you book through WestJet and indulge in the “Magic Your Way Package;” this includes accommodation and ticket entry to theme parks! This magical land is just a mouse click away!

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