Travel Journals for your Kids

August 24, 2013

Kids Stuff

Going on a family vacation? Put a twist on the back-to-school journal and transform it into a travel essential! The greatest moments of a trip are best captured during the experience itself, so give your kids the chance to document their travel adventures with one of these cute journals! Many wonderful things will happen during their stay, and as the years go by it’ll be precious to look back on the memories they’ve made. We particularly like these custom designed journals from Minted.

Kids can bring their journals with them as the family embarks on different adventures together. Inside they can document their daily activities whether it is with the family, at a resort camp, or a kid’s club. They can keep track of destination facts that they learn, their favourite events during their stay, new experiences, and maybe even vacation-inspired dreams and ideas! Children can write about the new friends they’ve made, and use the journal to record their contact information to stay in touch. Maybe they also picked up phrases of a new language or cool new sayings and can note them down in case they forget!

Within those lines of writing, the journal can be filled with drawings, photos, maps, and even tickets and passes from activities and resorts! By giving your child a journal, it might just become the best souvenir of a family vacation!

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