Aruba Landmarks

January 27, 2013

Family Vacations

Aruba’s white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters are well-known around the world but that’s not all this small Dutch Caribbean island has to offer! If you can pull yourself away from the gorgeous beaches, Aruba has several unique landmarks that are worth taking a look at… and we think your kids will be happy to join on any of these excursions. Whether you decide to adventure on your own or take part in a group tour, Aruba’s landmarks and natural beauty are worth exploring! Here are a four attractive points of interest to check out while visiting Aruba with the entire family…

California Lighthouse

Aruba’s California Lighthouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island due to its breathtaking views and unique history. The lighthouse was built in 1910 by a French architect and was named for the wreck of the “Californian” which took place off its shores a few years later. Although the interior of the lighthouse re closed to the public, the stunning views this landmark has to offer are definitely worth the adventure!

Alto Vista Chapel

The Alto Vista Chapel is a peaceful tourist attraction perched on a hilltop located on the northeast side of the island. The chapel is on the site of the first Catholic Church in Aruba, built in 1750. The original church fell to ruins but was rebuilt in 1952 and it is home to a statue of the Virgin Marie of Alto Vista. In addition to the historical value of this landmark, this landmark offers marvelous panoramic views of the island!

Arikok Natural Park

Arikok Natural Park is not something you want to miss while visiting Aruba! This park contains 18% of the island’s total land area and contains examples of all of Aruba’s flora and fauna. While exploring the park you will come across a variety of natural landscapes including caves, natural lava formations as well as the highest point of Aruba. Aruba’s government has made it their goal to maintain the unique landscape and the cultural and historical features of the park. Spend a day with the family adventuring through the park’s great hiking trails and discovering what the island has to offer!

Fort Zoutman

Fourt Zoutman, located in downtown Oranjestad, is Aruba’s oldest historical relict and it now serves a musuem to document the island’s colonial past. The fort was built in 1798 by the Dutch to protect the island from pirates and enemies. Over the years, the building has been used as a jail, courthouse, tax office, library, post office and now is a popular historical museum. For a small price to pay, Fort Zoutman offers tourists magnificent views and an interesting lesson on Aruba’s unique history.


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