The Results are In – CARES Airplane Harnesses

December 22, 2010

Family Vacations

twinsJust back from a wonderful family vacation to the Caribbean, and I finally got a chance to use my CARES seatbelt harness for our almost 3-year old daughter. When I first saw this product in the store, I was overjoyed with the idea of having a product that could keep my kid in her seat safely without having to lug a car seat along (all parents who have travelled with a car seat can attest to the utter schlep it can be – it’s not like you don’t have 20 other bags to bring so why add in the addition of the car seat if a better option now exists).

It was easy to install, and my daughter seemed very comfortable wearing it. To me, the idea that kids can be strapped in like a car seat harness is both comforting for the safety issue but also for the piece of mind that they sit in the their seat for as much of the plane ride as possible!

My overall review – the CARES seatbelt attachment gets my mom’s seal of approval. Thumbs up!

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