Jumby Bay


Nestled on a 300-acre private Caribbean island two miles from Antigua, Rosewood Jumby Bay is a secluded haven filled with lush landscapes, stately palm trees and three stunning white sand beaches. The resort is only accessible by boat, making it one of the most desirable and exclusive private retreats in the Caribbean. Aside from pristine beaches and sun kissed days, this tropical haven offers a wealth of other exclusive activities for you and your  family.

The island features archeological sites, bat caves, national parks, and other unique outdoor attractions. Nature lovers will also discover abundant wildlife: tropical birds, bats and turtles among others. This is a bird watcher’s fantasy. Guests can boat over to this tiny uninhabited islet and see the nesting grounds of the red-billed tropic bird. From April to September the laughing gulls, purple martins, terns, and brown noodles grace the island. And around the April don’t miss the International well known kite festival; a unique experience of tradition and color!

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